Opening of the Congress

Joanna Gajek-Donizak Joanna Gajek-Donizak, Conference Director Retail/FMCG, EUROPEAN CONFERENCES UNITED

Casper Haring Casper Haring, Commercial Director & Founder, EUROPEAN CONFERENCES UNITED

The challenges for the next 5 years of trade in Poland that needs to be faced.

Special guest:

prof. Jerzy Hausner prof. Jerzy Hausner, Polish politician and economist, Professor of economic sciences, In 2003-2005 he was the vice-president of the Council of Ministers and a member of the Monetary Policy Council


Alex Tosolini Alex Tosolini, Senior Vice President New Business Development, KROGER (USA)

Christophe Rabatel Christophe Rabatel, CEO, CARREFOUR POLSKA

Jaak Mikkel Jaak Mikkel, General Manager, COCA-COLA

Tomasz Suchański Tomasz Suchański, CEO, ŻABKA

Kiril Marinov Kiril Marinov, General Manager, HENKEL BEAUTY CARE

Guillaume Bacuvier Guillaume Bacuvier, CEO, DUNNHUMBY

Grzegorz Łaptaś Grzegorz Łaptaś, Partner, PwC

And representatives of:

Globalization and market without borders – threat or opportunity?


Niels Westerbye Juhl Niels Westerbye Juhl, Country General Manager/CEO , L’OREAL POLAND & BALTICS HUB

Maciej Herman Maciej Herman, CEO, LOTTE WEDEL

Irek Sudnik Irek Sudnik, Chairman of the Board, LABORATORIUM KOSMETYCZNE DR IRENA ERIS

Piotr Nowjalis Piotr Nowjalis, Member of Supervisory Board, DINO

Jiří Nehasil Jiří Nehasil, Food Service Distribution Director and Board Member, MAKRO ČR/METRO SR (Czech Republik)

Marcin Petrykowski Marcin Petrykowski, Director/ Head of EMEA Relationship Management / Regional Head for CEE / CEO Poland Branch, S&P GLOBAL RATINGS

Bartosz Mierzwiak Bartosz Mierzwiak, Managing Director CEE, LOGICOR

And representatives of:

Challenges of a modern leader nowadays. Building company values.


Geraldine Huse Geraldine Huse, CEO & Chairman of the Board Central Europe, PROCTER&GAMBLE

Jan Kolański Jan Kolański, CEO , COLIAN

Marek Sypek Marek Sypek, Managing Director, STOCK

Jacek Palec Jacek Palec, CEO , FRISCO

Anna Podkowinska Anna Podkowinska, Tretyn CEO Poland & International Management Team Member, SUPERMERKATO 24

Daniel Rogiński Daniel Rogiński, Vice President, DROGERIE NATURA

Michał Krygier Michał Krygier, Board Member Sales Director Supermarkets & Traditional Trade, UNILEVER

Krzysztof Tokarz Krzysztof Tokarz, Chairman of the Board, SPECJAŁ

How cooperation between retailers, producers and service providers can be improved through technology?


Marek Lipka Marek Lipka, Merchandising and Supply Chain Director, Executive Board Member, CARREFOUR

Michał Opacki Michał Opacki, Director of Digital Consumer Experience, ŻABKA

Gabriel Matwiejczyk Gabriel Matwiejczyk, Measuremernt Lead Facebook CEE , FACEBOOK

Tomasz Michalski Tomasz Michalski, Commercial Director, Member of the Board, FRISCO

Szymon Turnau Szymon Turnau, Digital Director, AUCHAN Retail Polska

Michał Iwanciw Michał Iwanciw, CE Segment Director, ALLEGRO

Szymon Mordasiewicz Szymon Mordasiewicz, Commercial Director Panels& Services, GFK POLONIA

Robert Lis Robert Lis, Marketing Manager Corrugated Solutions, MONDI

Paweł Działak Paweł Działak, CEO & Co-founder, TPAY

Gracjan Podgórski Gracjan Podgórski, Key Account Manager, TRANSPOREON

Retail as a partnership – expectations of retailers and producers towards each other that help build successful business.


Grzegorz Jóźwik Grzegorz Jóźwik, Commercial Director Poland and Baltics, L`OREAL

Marcin Sowa Marcin Sowa, President of the Board, POLOMARKET

Adam Pawłowicz Adam Pawłowicz, Vice President, LOTOS PALIWA

Witold Baran Witold Baran, Commercial Director, Vice-chairman, NETTO

Adam Mokrysz Adam Mokrysz, CEO, MOKATE

Bartosz Woźnicki Bartosz Woźnicki, Sales Director CEE , HASBRO

Adam Samorek Adam Samorek, Trade Marketing Director, KOMPANIA PIWOWARSKA

Jaap van Vreden Jaap van Vreden, International Trade Marketing Director, LENTA

Rafayel Asatryan Rafayel Asatryan, Commercial Director, SERPOL COSMETICS

Karolina Karolczak Karolina Karolczak, Partnership & Procurement Director, SODEXO

The company's values in the world of a multigenerational crew – its importance in building the company's results.


Łukasz Chałaczkiewicz Łukasz Chałaczkiewicz, Sales Director, UNILEVER

Anna Sikorska Anna Sikorska, Head of Direct To Consumer eCommerce, Operations Poland , RB HEALTH

Sylwia Królikowska Sylwia Królikowska, Superniania Liderów

Customer Experience


Michał Sacha Michał Sacha, Marketing Director, Digital, IT i E-Commerce, CARREFOUR

Miroslaw Krzanik Miroslaw Krzanik, Smart Store Solutions Director, ŻABKA

Bartek Lechowski Bartek Lechowski, Customer Experience Executive, EMPIK

Ewa Pytkowska Ewa Pytkowska, Sales Director, CHECK POINT SYSTEM

Krystian Wesołowski Krystian Wesołowski, Head of Sales, BLUE MEDIA

Katarzyna Anosowicz Katarzyna Anosowicz, Head of Customer Experience , TVN

And representatives of companies:



Justyna Dziegieć Justyna Dziegieć, Chief Digital Officer, BURDA

Maciej Żyto Maciej Żyto, CEE E-commerce Director , DOUGLAS

Bartosz Ratajewski Bartosz Ratajewski, E-commerce Development Director, MEDIA EXPERT



Sebastian Grabowski Sebastian Grabowski, IoT and Advanced Technologies Director, Vice President of the Management Board for Business Market, ORANGE POLAND

Marcin Dąbrowski Marcin Dąbrowski, Founder&CEO, SURGE CLOUD

Sebastian Starzyński Sebastian Starzyński, CO, TAKE TASK

Miroslaw Krzanik Miroslaw Krzanik, Smart Store Solutions Director, ŻABKA

Piotr Kiszkiel Piotr Kiszkiel, IT Director, ROSSMAN

Konrad Jezierski Konrad Jezierski, Director of the Department, CCC

Agnieszka Kozłowska Agnieszka Kozłowska, Head of Non-Fuel Retail Business CEE, SHELL

And representatives of companies:



Christophe Rabatel Christophe Rabatel, CEO, CARREFOUR POLSKA

Eliza Kruczkowska Eliza Kruczkowska, Director of the Innovation Development Department, POLSKI FUNDUSZ ROZWOJU

Building a Customer Centric SUPPLY CHAIN Eco


Krzysztof Maśny Krzysztof Maśny, Vice President Logistics, ROSSMAN

Michał Suchocki Michał Suchocki, Head of Logistics , SUPERPHAM

Jacek Freund Jacek Freund, Managing Director, PIAST CARGO

Wojciech Gondek Wojciech Gondek, Supply Chain and Logistics Director, CASTORAMA

Ireneusz Kozber Ireneusz Kozber, Logistics Director, MILLANO GROUP

Mariusz Majewski Mariusz Majewski, Logistic Director, BAKOMA

Mastering eCommerce SUPPLY CHAINs – An Opportunity with a Thousand Challenges


Monika Duda Monika Duda, Partner, Head of Industrial & Logistics Agency CEE, M4

Piotr Sędziak Piotr Sędziak, Operational Director, ABC DATA

Jarosław Czechowicz Jarosław Czechowicz, Country Manager , GOODMAN POLSKA

Marcin Dudek Marcin Dudek, Vice-President of the Management Board, DTW LOGISTIC

Tomasz Matonóg Tomasz Matonóg, E-Commerce Director, BADURA

Zbigniew Gaweda Zbigniew Gaweda, Sales and Business Development Manager, PRIME CARGO

Digital Transformation of SUPPLY CHAIN – Reinventing the Future Shopping Landscape


Jakub Gierszyński Jakub Gierszyński, Ecommerce and Marketing Director, INTER CARS

Adam Kasperowicz Adam Kasperowicz, Chief Information Officer, VAN CARGO

Grzegorz Jaworek Grzegorz Jaworek, Customer Service& Logistics Director, ŻYWIEC

Logistics+ – Adding value to the Supply Chain Ecosystem
Adaptation and location - impact on convenience retailig and adaptation to modern requirements


Tareck Ouaibi Tareck Ouaibi, CEO, CARREFOUR

Agnieszka Kozłowska Agnieszka Kozłowska, Head of Non-Fuel Retail Business CEE, SHELL

Adam Ringer Adam Ringer, Prezes, GREEN CAFE NERO

Convenience retailing trends.


Małgorzata Cichecka Małgorzata Cichecka, Sales Effectiveness Director, CEE

Local or global – how to fnd the right place and be successful.


Tomasz Makowski Tomasz Makowski, Key Business Executive, FAIRTRADE POLSKA

Anna Urbańska Anna Urbańska, Founder, KOOPERATYWA GROCHOWSKA

Challenges facing the modern leader. Building company value.

Special guest:

gen. Roman Polko gen. Roman Polko, Former Deputy Head of the Offce National Security, two-time commander of the elite GROM Special Force Unit, the youngest two-star general in the Polish Army


Carolina Garcia Gomez Carolina Garcia Gomez, CEO & CSO / Country Retail Manager, IKEA POLAND

Frederic Guichard Frederic Guichard, General Manager, DANONE WATERS POLAND AND NORDICS

Ewald Raben Ewald Raben, Group CEO, RABEN

Michał Koziara Michał Koziara, CEO, 3SOFT

Blurring the differences in formats. The retail format of the future


Maciej Wysocki Maciej Wysocki, General Manager , MARS WRIGLEY POLSKA

Janusz Stroka Janusz Stroka, CEO, NETTO POLSKA

Robert Rękas Robert Rękas, Chief Executive Officer Lewiatan Eurocash Group, Board Member Lewiatan Holding, LEWIATAN HOLDING

Rafał Walendzik Rafał Walendzik, CEO, KRAFT HEINZ

Francois Colombie Francois Colombie, ex- Chairman of the Supervisory Board, AUCHAN POLSKA, ROSJA, UKRAINA

Robert Krzak Robert Krzak, Chairman of the Program Council, Expert Consumer Goods, EY

Retailer of the Year 2019 - conversation with winners.


Karolina Zajdel-Pawlak Karolina Zajdel-Pawlak, Managing Director, NIELSEN

Winners of Retailer of the Year

Challenges facing local networks that need to be addressed in the next 5 years.


Ryszard Jaśkowski Ryszard Jaśkowski, President of the Board, KZRSS SPOŁEM

Sylwia Olechno Sylwia Olechno, General Director, CHORTEN

Maciej Ptaszyński Maciej Ptaszyński, Dyrektor Generalny, POLSKA IZBA HANDLU

Data & Artificial Intelligence


Bartłomiej Pucek Bartłomiej Pucek, Country Digital Manager, IKEA

Tomasz Bąk Tomasz Bąk, Head of Artiffical Intelligence, DIGITAL FINGERPRINTS

Przemysław Lewicki Przemysław Lewicki, Director of Operational Digital Transformation Center, Head of Robotics (RPA), ING BANK ŚLĄSKI

Piotr Nikel Piotr Nikel, Head of AI Products , Synerise

Artur Jastrzębski Artur Jastrzębski, Business Analytics Director, PUBLICIS GROUP



Inga Songin Inga Songin, Regional Marketing Director, Regional Board of Marketing Directors CEN, DANONE

Ronald Luisser Ronald Luisser, General Manager, FOCUS RESEARCH SOUTH EAST

Grzegorz Wachowicz Grzegorz Wachowicz, Sales and Marketing Director, RTV EURO AGD

Inventory Financing – Produce BIG, Sell BIG


Piotr Węglarz Piotr Węglarz, Managing Director, ZAPAROH

Market Adaptability – from “being efficient” to “being effective”


Michał  Ślisiński Michał Ślisiński, Distribution Center Manager, LUMILEDS

Grzegorz Dołęga Grzegorz Dołęga, Project Manager and Development of Supply Chain Strategy, LOTTE WEDEL

SUPPLY CHAIN 2025 – Imminent Factors to Impact the CEE Food-Retailing SC eco-system in the FUTURE!


Piotr Dąbrowski Piotr Dąbrowski, NiM NBE Integration Leader & NCE Champion, NESTLE

Bartłomiej Tulejko Bartłomiej Tulejko, Managing Director, M4

Teodor Kula Teodor Kula, Chief Business Development Officer ESA Logistica Group Member of Hitachi Transport System Group, ESA

How to successfully build your own brand? Market trends.



Ewa Rybołowicz Ewa Rybołowicz, Director of Retail Services, NIELSEN

Wojciech Polan Wojciech Polan, Private Labels & Export Europa Director, VAN PUR

Requirements of retail chains towards producers –how to be more sustainable.


Justyna Przybylska Justyna Przybylska, Director of Corporate Communication and CSR, KAUFLAND POLSKA MARKETY

Aleksandra Stanek-Kowalczyk Aleksandra Stanek-Kowalczyk, Mananging Director, SAPERE

Jaap van Vreden Jaap van Vreden, International Trade Marketing Director, LENTA

Vitaliy Khomenko Vitaliy Khomenko, Head of Private Label, LABORATORIUM KOSMETYCZNE CANEXPOL


Tomasz Makowski Tomasz Makowski, Key Business Executive, FAIRTRADE POLSKA

Rafayel Asatryan Rafayel Asatryan, Commercial Director, SERPOL COSMETICS

Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna, Head of Sustainability, IKEA RETAIL POLAND

Krzysztof Baczyński Krzysztof Baczyński, Chairman of the Board, EKO-PAK

Danuta Kędzierska Danuta Kędzierska, Social Compliance Auditor, TÜV RHEINLAND POLAND

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