We are pleased to announce the first edition of Sustainability in Retail Award in Poland. The award will be given to the project with the strongest impact towards sustainable and circular operations undertaken by a retailer.

The entire process of selection and voting for the award by the Jury will be supported by Nielsen research institute. The partners of the award are LPR and Euro Pool System that are part of the Euro Pool Group – a leader in enabling retailers in achieving a sustainable supply chain.

Why sustainability for the retail industry?

Sustainable growth is the responsibility of the retail industry in regard to products, employees, the environment and the community.

By implementing the strategy of supporting sustainable development, retailers take such activities as investing in new technologies, establishing cooperation with reliable suppliers and looking for better and better solutions.

The focus on sustainable growth helps not only achieve ethical benefits, but also tangible results such as improving efficiency, reducing operational risk or increasing competitive advantage by the retailers.

Participate in the competition!

If your company also implements projects supporting sustainable development from areas such as those listed below or similar, we invite you to participate in the competition and join the industry leaders.

  • Optimizing supply chain
  • Increasing recovery of recyclable materials
  • Waste management
  • Saving resources
  • Using ethical sources of raw materials
  • Limiting the negative impact on the environment
  • Eliminating food waste
  • Supporting local communities
  • Caring for employees
  • Combating poverty locally and globally
  • Shaping consumer attitudes related to health and environment protection
  • Passing on foodstuffs to charity institutions
  • Supporting suppliers in the implementation of sustainable operations
Detailed information about the competition is provided by:
  1. STAGE 

    Submission of projects by retailers
    1st February 2019 – 1st March 2019

    Retailers can submit their projects by filling in the questionnaire available for download at the bottom of this page and sending the final document to:
  2. STAGE 

    Reading of the projects by Jury
    4th March 2019 – 15th March 2019

    Jury members will read through all submitted projects and rate projects on a scoring scale

  3. STAGE 

    18th March 2019 – 22nd March 2019

    Each Jury member will recommend top 3 projects based on their individual scoring

  4. STAGE 

    Overall Ranking
    25th March 2019 – 27th March 2019

    ECU and Nielsen companies will prepare a list of top 5 projects based on the projects recommended by each Jury member

  5. STAGE 

    Jury discussion and selection of the winning project
    27th March 2019 – 29th March 2019

    The Jury will analyse the top 5 projects; ECU and Nielsen companies will conduct a voting amongst Jury members to select the top project


Download the questionnaire to submit the project for the Sustainability in Retail Award


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